Chance? or change.

Together we identify the root cause of issues in your team dynamics and create customized training solutions to solve challenges, improve organizational effectiveness, and meet your business’s unique goals.

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Get to the root of your team’s unique challenges

With over 25 years of experience working with companies of all sizes, I love helping solve issues standing in the way of getting your team to the next level.

Working together, we get straight to the root cause of your challenges. Next, we create a smooth process to align your company culture, improve organizational effectiveness, and move your team forward.

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Unsure whether or not you need help?

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We like to start it all with virtual coffee.

No strings attached.

Together, we’ll dive into a conversation about your team and get a high-level picture of where you’re at compared to where you want to be. By the end of our virtual coffee, we’ll have a pretty good idea of what you’d like to achieve, some suggestions for change, and a sense of whether or not we can help.


  • “Tammy inspires and encourages.

    She is not afraid to ask uncomfortable questions.”

    “Tammy’s greatest skills are her ability to listen and question. She researches, seeks information, asks questions, thinks, plans, and then will propose. Tammy is upfront with her thoughts and is open minded, wanting to know and understand. She is not afraid to ask uncomfortable questions.She inspires and encourages.”

    — Margo


Customized strategic planning, change process, training, and facilitation services

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We work together to lift your organization up.


Our Services

Change Process

Get to the root cause of issues within your organizational culture. Then, together, we’ll brainstorm solutions that create better efficiencies, reduce redundancies and help you meet your goals.

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Help your team come together in the smoothest way possible. I’ll help you uncover where your managers need support and help them discover the tools they need to create lasting change.

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Help your team have difficult conversations around culture and teamwork. Together we’ll create a neutral environment where everyone feels supported, heard and inspired to spark change.

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  • “Tammy was instrumental in shaping a model that met our desired outcomes.”

    “I worked with Tammy to create and develop an unprecedented model in Child Protection Reporting. This model was built from the ground up. It included changing Wisconsin Statutes to provide authority to share work among counties. Tammy was instrumental in shaping the concept into an organizational model that met the desired outcomes to a high degree.”

    — Paula Winter


What sets our consulting, training, and facilitation apart?

We are …
Collaborative Team Driven Customized
Goal Driven Supportive People Focused

Inspire change, improve effectiveness,and get big results



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